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Post by Ziexxx on Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:23 am

Tgs: Hacks For Combat Arms: [url= ... fb9ca5fe38]Download[/url]
Just Download Put The Hack and setting in the C:/nexon/combatarms/mss and just put the d3's in the C:/nexon/combatarms folder.
Bypass For Hacks: Download Put in C:/nexon/combatarms/mss your ready to go.

Fly Hack: Just Run as administrator before you start combat arms then press "Q" in game to activate ...Best hack ever!

Fraps Registered: This is a torrent!

Aq Worlds Hack: Download
All you have to do is: Run It: Click File: Click Base/SWF: For Base And Swf Delete The "_01" And For SWF where it says "55" Put "16"

Almost Forgot : OPK HACK Just Out! For Combat Arms Hello,

Are you tired of being owned by people with crazy VIP opk hacks!? Then look no further!

I have gotten a public OPK hack for anyone that needs it at all! The download link for the hack and a bypass if needed are at the bottom.

For Bypass put bypass in
C:\Nexon\Combat Arms\mss


1. Start up the program.
2. Start up Combat Arms.exe
3. Login
4. Find a game ( Preverably Junk Flea)
5. Then go to the bin nearest the crane on the Alpha side of the map.
6. Go behind it.
7. Press Alt-3
8. Start taking out noobs with your pro OPK!

OPK hack: download.php?zi4ymjtwx2m

Bypass ( pretty much like the one in Segnosis post): download.php?wvlyw1mzmem

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