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Post by jub jub on Wed Jun 11, 2008 2:19 pm

..~~( Runescape Account Hacking )~~..

This is a tutorial i thought i would leave here only on icodez if it is found on any other site...well lets say me and kayo have our ways. This tutorial is not posted ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

1. Go to runescape.com and head over to any of the Log On parts of the website and leave your browser on that page.

2. Open a new window or tab and then head to www.google.com

3. Search for "java decombustificator" (true word)

4. Get the decombustificator and find a tutorial on how to use it!!!

5. Decombustificate the Login Form (which is now Java source so it hackable)

6. Open up on your Desktop and either find where they keep all there passwords (i think it kept on big server which has now been hidden and changed)

7. Either search through the one million users or something on runescape that have been put in list or change the code to send you the username and password via CGI or maybe if u smart enough e-mail

8. REMINDER: This may not work as runescape is constantly changing and so are people with there password and the list refreshes and sends you back to the top when it does refresh.


Released no where else if it is I will (and kayo) stuff your computer up....!!

For non-educational purposes only! Twisted Evil

I have found all you homos a java decompiler coz so many of you asked for it!
~~~ Runescape Account Hacking ~~~ 3_java_decompiler


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